The ghost – first date pt 1

Alright, where did I leave off. Right – I fell asleep around 1 am aftering talking to his man for hours via messaging.

After this first night of great conversation, we quickly got into a nice cadence of messaging back and forth. Similarly to statement I made yesterday, “I am an in bed and asleep by 10/10:30 pm kinda person, so when I stay up past midnight to talk to you – you better know it is something special”, if I message you during the work day – WOW YOU’RE A BIG DEAL. We messaged back and forth all day long and landed on the topic of our date, planned for the Saturday (it is Tuesday at this point).

Now, let me be perfectly transparent with you… I like plans. I like to make plans in advance for things – plans give me something to look forward to and be excited about. On the other side of this though, having plans in place leaves room to set expectations and to be disappointed if something doesn’t work out. This is just one of the many hazards of dating.

Excited that the conversation turned to our date, I began looking up things to do in the area. This particular individual was sober, so going to a bar for your standard Happy Hour or “drinks” was not an option. *

*Now, let me be clear about something related to my blog as a whole. I will not reveal personal stories about someone that could identify them. I will not share stories or make comments on portions of someone’s life that does not impact me – such as a sad story or a personal belief.

After doing some generic Google searches – “things to do this weekend in Minneapolis/St Paul” – I came across a Saints game. I love going to sporting events and I knew this person loved baseball, mainly the Twins… but Twins tickets are a bit too spendy for a first date. Immediately after I suggested the date idea he said he would buy the tickets within the next day or two.

I was genuinely excited to meet him. I knew we were going to have a great time – I was right.

Leading up to the date, we continued our conversation cadence. When the first one of woke up we’d message the other “good morning”. We’d check in with each other throughout the day with a casual “hope you’re having a good day”. Talk into the night until one of us, mostly me, would drift off and the other would respond with a “good night”.

On numerous occasions during the days leading up to our first date he told me how excited he was to go on a date with me and how excited he was to meet me. It was so wonderful to hear these comments and to know that someone was looking forward to spending time with you.

The day before our date he suggests that we meet at a close arcade so by the time we get to the game we are over the “awkwardness” of meeting an online date. I loved the idea and was getting more and more excited.

Finally, it was the day of our first date.

And this is where I will leave you today. Mainly because it is 10:30 pm and I would like to go to bed. But also because I know this post is a bit dry and I want to leave you with a good cliffhanger.

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