The ghost – date 2 & 3

As I think back on how this date went, there were NO signs of how this story ends. Every moment of that first date went spectacularly.

Dates two and three come up quickly, one being more spontaneous then the next.

As we walked around the ballpark, during date one, he said that he wanted to see me again and asked when I was free that coming week. Before we left the game, we made plans to see each other that following Tuesday, so just three days later. It made me feel special that someone was already looking forward to seeing me again, and our date gave me something to look forward to.

When we were at the game on Saturday night, he had told me that he was so excited to meet me that he almost asked me out for a walk the night before our actual first date. So I thought it would be cute to ask him on Sunday if he wanted to meet up for a walk, since Tuesday felt so far away.

He had an AA meeting that night so a walk didn’t fit into the evening, however he did come over to my house for about a hour. Although, my intention was not to have him over so quickly – I was just excited to see him again.

The time we spent together that night was more physical than conversational. Let’s just say that we seemed to be compatible in numerous ways than just conversation.

At this point, we are still talking all day every day. From “good morning” to “good nights”, with the occasional mid-day check-in, “how’s your day”, if someone (normally me) didn’t respond within a few hours.

Our plan for Tuesday was to go get ice cream. However, as Tuesday rolled around – there was a good chance of storms in the evening. Due to the looming storms (which of course it didn’t rain that evening), and a long day at work, we decided to postpone the date until Wednesday.

After some alterations to the date, we settled on him coming over to my place again. We were going to order in food and watch Parks and Rec.

Although the date had many physical components to it, we also just laid on my couch and talked. We talked about our religious beliefs, his divorce, his daughter, my family, where I’d eventually like to move in the cities and so much more. He told me about how he has never introduced anyone to his daughter before and how his ex-wife has been dating someone for about three years.

By the end of the evening, he was laying with his head in my lap falling asleep as I was running my hand through his hair and down his back. It was a wonderful night in.

The next day, he send me one of the best text messages from a guy that I have ever received. He said “before we have sex again, I want to go out on an actual date again. I think we have a lot in common and I want to get to know you more”. I was OVER THE MOON with this text. It made me feel special. It made me feel like he valued me for who I was as a person and did not only want what I could offer physically. (which makes the story ending of “the ghost” just so much worse for me)

Following that date, he had his daughter from Thursday through that Sunday and I was supposed to go out of town Saturday through the next Tuesday. So we made plans to see each other on that Tuesday, the day I got back from my trip.

At the last minute my plans changed and I was no longer going out of town. When I told him, he responded by saying he was excited that he could see me sooner – so we bumped up our date to Monday.

We talked every day that weekend. He would send me snapchats of his daughter and him eating ice cream or at the zoo. We talk about how he let her watch too much TV and she turned into a bit of a brat. My point is, we talked all the time. They were two sided conversations, good conversations, both of us initiated, both of us responded.

Sunday evening we were chatting and had decided that we would go get ice cream and go for a walk on Monday. Me being the planner that I am narrowed down the choices to two locations and told him to pick. He told me that he was going to wait until Monday to pick, just because he knew I wanted to know so badly. I thought it was funny and cute that he did that. Like he was “playing” with me.

Monday was one of the first truly nice work days we had had in awhile and unfortunately due to the previous shitty weather his work project was very behind. Other than a good morning, we didn’t talk very much on Monday because the owner of his company was at the job site and they were working hard to try and made up some lost ground.

5pm rolled around I left work to go home – but he was still at work.

7pm rolled around and I turned on the Bachelorette – he was still at work.

Finally at 8:30 he texted me and said they were just leaving the job site. He asked if I would hate him if he cancelled. I responded by saying I would not hate him, as it wasn’t his fault – but was disappointed I wouldn’t be able to see him.

Later that night we decided on a date due-over… that coming Saturday. We were going to watch the Aquatennial fireworks over the Mississippi. I was elated. There is something about watching fireworks with a date that just screams romance to me.

Sadly, this date never happened. But more on that next time.

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